Modern Wooden Building to be Highly Supported in China

wood house

Recently, The Opinions on Further Strengthening Urban Planning, Construction & Management of 13th Five Year Plan draws the attention on the applications of steel structure construction and modern wooden structure buildings, which is believed to affect the living style of 749.16 million city permanent residents in China.

The Opinions emphasize the general policy of applicable, economic, green and beautiful in order to strengthen the design management of public buildings and out-of-code high-rise buildings. What’s more, International excellent architectural design companies are encouraged to tap into China’s market.

As the wooden structure and prefabricated construction reduces construction waste and flowing dust pollution, the Opinions highly recommends to increase the proportion of prefabricated buildings to new building to 30% within 10 years and promote the applications of steel structure construction and modern wooden structure buildings

It is absolutely great news not only for International architectural design companies, but also l exporters of logs and lumbers! The China’s annual consumption of wood is about 500 Millions cubic meters and the wood supply deficit has been over 50%. As the popularization of wooden building, the import of logs and lumbers is believed to be increased rapidly.

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